Quality Inn

3550 E. Market Street,
Logansport, IN 46947,
United States.

Safety Tips


The following travel tips are suggested to make your travel hassle-free.

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Travel Tips

Pack light

Carrying minimal luggage will make travel more pleasant and effortless.

Carry zip locks

This will eliminate the hassle of dealing with damp or wet clothes.

Locks are inevitable

Ensure that your travel bags and suitcases are locked under all circumstances to prevent unforeseen loss of belongings.

Carry important papers

Ensure that you carry the essential travel papers like your passport, driving license, and vehicle documents during your trips.

Pre-book your tickets online

You can save ample time & energy by pre-booking your entry tickets to the best tourist attractions in this city.

Hotel Protocols

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Upon arrival

Locate the fire exits and staircases on the property map behind your guestroom door.

Take cognizance of the location of alarm pull stations and fire extinguishers on your floor.

Find the "Off" switch on your air conditioner.

Note: In case of fire, turning off the air conditioner will prevent the smoke from being drawn into your room.

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Security Procedures

Please use the deadbolt lock on your door for utmost safety.

Secure the doors with the safety latch for additional protection.

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Do not allow an unknown person into your room without checking their identity first.

Kindly contact the front desk if you are unsure of the person's identity.

Please keep your room keys safe at all times.

Refrain from leaving your key behind in your room or at the door.

Do not hand over your keys to strangers.

Ensure that you leave your keys at the front desk before you step out for the day.


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In Case Of Fire

Stay calm. Do not panic.

Pull the fire alarm that is the closest to you.

Close the doors around the fire area if possible.

Call the front desk.

Inform the service staff regarding the situation.

Exit your guest room and our hotel property.

Carry your room key with you always.

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In case of smoke

Fold a wet towel into a triangle and tie it over your nose and mouth.

Call the front desk.

Inform the service staff regarding the situation.

Get on your hands and knees (or stomach) & crawl to the door.

Feel the doorknob and check if it is hot.

In case of a tornado or severe weather

At times of adversity, the city's Civil Defense Sirens are activated. Under such circumstances, our hotel property's Fire Alarm System will be turned on immediately to alert our guests. Following this, evacuating the guests to the lower level is mandatory according to protocol. Our hotel staff will be available for your assistance at all times. The management of the hotel will try to the best of its ability to notify the emergency to you by phone or in person at your doorstep.

Case A

If the doorknob is cold, open it slowly.

Exit the room (carry your room keys with you).

Case B

If it is hot, do not open the door.

Await for help from our service staff.

Case 1

If the hallway is smoke-free, proceed towards the emergency exit staircase.

Case 2

If the hallway is filled with smoke, please return to your room, and we will assist you with prompt instructions to ensure your utmost safety.

Covid-19 Protocols

Our hotel management is bound by the COVID-19 protocols of our brand. We also abide by the state laws on social distancing and other such regulations. We request our guests to adhere to the following instructions to keep themselves safe during the pandemic.

Wear face masks in the lobby and other public areas.

Observe social distancing (including the breakfast area).

Disclaimer: The hotel cannot be held responsible for any illness incurred to the guests during their stay within our premises.